A video platform run by geek pictures, a top Japanese production company, to collaborate with Japan's leading performers in a variety of genres. PEEEK TV focuses on action sports such as dance, freestyle basketball, and BMX.


A decentralized interactive live streaming service utilizing blockchain and NFT, developed by Recika Co.,Ltd.

Talk about the future powered by blockchain with Japan's leading live-streaming expert, founder of DOMMUNE, Naohiro Ukawa.

Dos Monos LIVE
Recika x DOMMUNE Talk Session
Dos Monos LIVE

Recika x DOMMUNE Talk Session



Naohiro Ukawa

A con"temporary"artist. Since the end of the 1980s, he has been involved in a wide range of activities in various fields as filmmaker, graphic designer, VJ, writer, and university professor.
In 2010, he personally opened DOMMUNE, Japan's first live streaming studio and channel. DOMMUNE has participated in numerous international exhibitions of contemporary art, and has established satellite studios around the world, continuing to explore the meaning of LIVE (here and now) and omnipresence (anytime and anywhere) simultaneously. The channel has been broadcasting for over 10 years and accumulated over 100 million views. In 2019, DOMMUNE started to evolve into "SUPER DOMMUNE," and will UPDATE for the future with the most avant-garde technology after 5G. He received the 71st Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Fine Arts.


Editor and curator

Arina Tsukada

Editor and curator. Editor-in-chief of Bound Baw, a media outlet for art science. President of “General Incorporated Association Whole Universe”, a platform that expands the realm of imagination. She has been the art curator for Tokyo Electron's "solaé art gallery project" since 2012. In 2004, She became the director of "See by Your Ears" by sound artist evala, and has been involved in various sound and urban projects. She has been in charge of media strategy for JST/RISTEX "Ecosystem of People and Information" since 2004. She is also a part-time lecturer at the Department of Art Science, Osaka University of Arts.


a.k.a Zo Zhit

ex)Dos Monos

A 3-piece HipHop crew formed by trackmaker/rapper Zo Zhit, along with TaiTan and Botsu. They performed their first overseas show at The Henz Club in Seoul, Korea in 2017. In March 2020, they were scheduled to perform at SXSW, a festival in Texas, and tour the West Coast of the United States for the first time, visiting San Francisco and Los Angeles. But due to COVID-19, the tour was cancelled. On July 24, 2020, the group released the second album "Dos Siki", which also featured the Arizona group Injury Reserve.


Chris Dai

Blockchain evangelist and founder of Recika Co.,Ltd. Passionate about inventing decentralized businesses in the non-financial sector utilizing blockchain technology. Early investors of Bitcoin and Ethereum and deeply attracted to decentralized model and its business, social and philosophical aspect. Co-authored (2019). Next Blockchain: Ecosystem for Next Generation Industries. Nikkei Business Publications and (2020). Blockchain and Crypto Currency. Springer.